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  1. Diary of a wimpy kid : hard luck by Kinney, Jeff
  2. Flora & Ulysses : the illuminated adventures by DiCamillo, Kate
  3. House of Hades by Riordan, Rick
  4. Locomotive by Floca, Brian
  5. Mr. Wuffles! by Wiesner, David
  6. Day the crayons quit by Daywalt, Drew
  7. Wonder by Palacio, R. J.
  8. Fly Guy and the Frankenfly by Arnold, Tedd
  9. Big guy took my ball! by Willems, Mo
  10. Year of Billy Miller by Henkes, Kevin
  11. Diary of a wimpy kid : the third wheel by Kinney, Jeff
  12. Big Nate flips out by Peirce, Lincoln
  13. Surprise attack of Jabba the Puppett : an Origami Yoda book by Angleberger, Tom
  14. I survived the Japanese Tsunami, 2011 by Tarshis, Lauren
  15. Pete the cat and his magic sunglasses by Dean, Kimberly
  16. Big Nate : genius mode by Peirce, Lincoln
  17. Tales from a not-so-happy heartbreaker by Russell, Rachel Renee
  18. Journey by Becker, Aaron
  19. Pete the cat : Pete at the beach by Dean, James
  20. Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers : the tenth epic novel by Pilkey, Dav
  21. Diary of a wimpy kid : cabin fever by Kinney, Jeff
  22. Pete the cat : Pete's big lunch by Dean, James
  23. Pete the cat : play ball! by Dean, James
  24. Diary of a wimpy kid : the ugly truth by Kinney, Jeff
  25. Diary of a wimpy kid : dog days by Kinney, Jeff
  26. Stallion by starlight by Osborne, Mary Pope
  27. Penny and her marble by Henkes, Kevin
  28. Diary of a wimpy kid : the last straw by Kinney, Jeff
  29. Hurry up, Houdini! by Osborne, Mary Pope
  30. Diary of a wimpy kid : Rodrick rules by Kinney, Jeff
  31. Diary of a wimpy kid : Greg Heffley's journal by Kinney, Jeff
  32. Fly Guy presents : sharks by Arnold, Tedd
  33. I survived the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 by Tarshis, Lauren
  34. One came home by Timberlake, Amy
  35. Fly guy presents : space by Arnold, Tedd
  36. Doll bones by Black, Holly
  37. Watermelon seed by Pizzoli, Greg
  38. That is not a good idea! by Willems, Mo
  39. Extreme Babymouse by Holm, Jennifer L.
  40. Rump : the true story of Rumpelstiltskin by Shurtliff, Liesl
  41. Pete the cat : the wheels on the bus by Dean, James
  42. Liar & spy by Stead, Rebecca
  43. Creepy carrots! by Reynolds, Aaron
  44. One and only Ivan by Applegate, Katherine
  45. Click, clack, boo! : a tricky treat by Cronin, Doreen
  46. Big Nate : what could possibly go wrong? by Peirce, Lincoln
  47. Year of the book by Cheng, Andrea
  48. Each kindness by Woodson, Jacqueline
  49. Risked by Haddix, Margaret Peterson
  50. Athlete vs. mathlete by Mack, Winnie
    New Titles: Spring 2014 | Fall 2013
  • 4/24/14:
    Next Week is Holocaust Remembrance Week
  • 4/23/14:
    Give new life to old textbooks with rebinding from BTSB!
  • 4/23/14:
    Next week, April 27 to May 3, is Preservation Week. This fairly recent event, (since 2010), was created by ALA to highlight all the wonderful materials from our past that are being stored by various institutions and to point out how much work will need to be done to make sure they are still around for our children and grandchildren. You might want to check out an article about preservation awareness for children by Andrea Rolich on our website in the Library Corner section under The More You Know.
  • 4/22/14:
    There are 23 World Book Night events across the country tonight. Is there an event near you?
  • 4/21/14:
    April is National Poetry Month and the National Council of Teachers of English has announced its 2014 Notable Poetry List. Our version of the list will be on our website shortly under the Awards/States Search.
  • 4/21/14:
    Tomorrow is Earth Day
  • 4/18/14:
    Are you surrounded by people who don't understand that school librarians are the heart of the school? Show them this video done by Texas Woman's University!
  • 4/18/14:
    The Christopher Awards, for media that affirm the highest values of the human spirit, have been announced for 2014, including the Books for Young People.
  • 4/17/14:
    The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906
  • 4/17/14:
    Find out the cover and title of the new Wimpy Kid book from Jeff Kinney in a live webcast on Monday, April 28 at 9 am EST. Any guesses what this one is about? Sports, maybe?
  • 4/16/14:
    Gertrude Chandler Warner was born in Putnam, Connecticut on April 16, 1890. She is well-known for starting the series of books about the Box Car Children. The first book in the series was published in 1924 and she wrote the first nineteen books in the series. There are now over 125 titles in the series, as it has been added to by other authors. Patricia MacLachlan just published a book that reimagined the beginning of the Box Car Children's adventures, BTSB# 594992, in 2012 and The Boxcar Children movie will be released in August 2014.
  • 4/16/14:
    Who is the King of the chapter book mystery? Ellen Myrick interviews Ron Roy, author of the A to Z Mysteries, the Capitol Mysteries and the Calendar Mysteries, as the latest Featured Author on our website.
  • 4/15/14:
    This coming Sunday is Easter
  • 4/14/14:
    Tonight is the start of the Jewish holiday Passover. Just in time for the holiday David A. Adler has come out with one of his excellent young nonfiction books to explain what the holiday is all about to young readers. The Story of Passover, by David A. Adler, illustrated by Jill Weber, published by Holiday House in 2014, ages 4-8, 32 pp., BTSB# 044089, $18.57, good reviews by Kirkus and Booklist so far. The story of Moses and how he led his people to freedom.
  • 4/14/14:
    Wednesday, April 16 is National Bookmobile Day. There are about 700 bookmobiles in the United States. If there is one in your area, ALA offers some materials to help celebrate your bookmobile.
  • 4/11/14:
    Packing up in San Antonio. Thanks to everyone for a great TLA conference! Time to start thinking about next year! See you in Austin!
  • 4/11/14:
    Author Jackie Mims Hopkins signing her book Prairie Chicken Little during the TLA conference at the BTSB booth.
  • 4/11/14:
    What a joy to listen to Lemony Snicket at the TASL Breakfast this morning at the TLA conference in San Antonio.
  • 4/11/14:
    Distinguished Library Service Award for School Administrators awarded to Dr. Arturo Cavazos from Harlingen Public Schools. Congratulations!
  • 4/11/14:
    Looking forward to the TASL breakfast with Lemony Snicket at TLA in San Antonio
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